Through the Cooking Glass

This is the sequel. To read about Eat Me. Drink Me. in its current incarnation, please see: “Only Alice.”

You may have noticed that it’s just been me posting for a while.  So now it’s time, I suppose, to make the split official.  When Josh and I started this project two years ago, we were both students at Davidson whose post-college paths were still unknown.  We liked food, we liked writing, we liked each other.  Our blog was about being young and discovering who we were through what we cooked.

Not that we’re much older now.  Our paths, however, have led us to vastly different places.  I’m in New York, freelancing and writing.  Josh is in Korea, teaching English.  Not just our life experiences, but also our food cultures are so removed from each other that it just makes sense to approach our food writing from different forums.

Really, not much has changed.  We still like food, we still like writing, and we still like each other.  But for now, we’re on our own.

Josh has started his own e-dventure (like an adventure, but on the internet), a really beautiful blog about adjusting to life in a new culture, cooking, and traveling.  It’s funny, smart, and distinctly Josh, which in my opinion, makes it worth a read.

So as the unit, Josh and Lyz, we bid you adieu.  And as just Lyz, I’d like to welcome you to the new Eat Me. Drink Me.  Josh, I’ll miss you.

– Lyz


Folks, it is my time to tap out of EMDM. I think it’s been obvious for some time that Lyz was the true force behind this blog, but Lyz and I wanted to make the official shift. It is no longer “Josh and Lyz’s blog,” rather it’s simply “Lyz’s awesome spectacular delicious entertaining blog about food, the city, life, and being pretty dope” (My words, not hers).

I am going to miss this blog a whole lot – it was both of our first forays into the web-world, self publishing, and waiting for feedback. We took pictures and wrote together and tried out new styles, trying to capture our outlook on food. And now, I think we’ve each established a really strong voice, and I’m really excited to see where Lyz goes with this blog. From eating at the blind restaurant (which, from experience, is freaking awesome-terrifying-breathtaking-delicious-surreal), to eating a delicious salad on the roof of a hip Brooklyn apartment overlooking the city of dreams.

I’ve let my share of EMDM simmer too long for a few reasons. One reason being: graduation time was crazy busy, and I put almost everything I had on hold except for finding a job. Over the summer, I was developing a few ideas about how I wanted to write, travel, and take pictures. And now that I’ve got a job, and am settled, I’ve started a new blog up (food, travel, experience, the works).

I will always think fondly of my time with EMDM, and I hope you, readers, keep going strong with Lyz. I know I will.

Here’s to “eating to live, and living to eat, cook and talk about it later.  That’s why we’re here. Well, that – and because we like how it tastes. Eat me. Drink me.”

Peace, Love, and Food from Seoul, Korea.

– Josh at